My Music

All my life I have been surrounded by music, song and dance. My parents took me around folk festivals right from being a baby. Also when I grew up I was immersed in many types of Artforms that covered Music, Drama, Song, Dance and Art. I first played the Recorder, then Clarinet, then Flute and then I took up the Piano Accordion when I was twelve.

I was first taught the Piano Accordion by a great friend called Lynda Convery. After getting started with Lynda I then got my tuition from the Folkworks Youth Summer School. From this I met up with loads of great friends and then begun to form many musical partnerships, including AAAAG with David Wood, The Pack with eleven other great friends and 422, who are still together today. In 1999 422 Won the BBC Young Folk Award and ten years on, four albums later are going strong. Their latest album 422 'Go Forth' is due to be released in the Summer 2010.

A more recent musical adventure is The Hut People. This is a Multi-percussion & Accordion duo. Made up of Sam Pirt & Gary Hammond. The Hut People have just released an album called 'Home Is Where The Hut Is..' released on Fellside and are going down very well. The Piano Accordion took over my life, apart from education that is. After 20 years for working VERY hard I ended up with a BA DipSW in Social Work and winning the BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award (which I won aged 19) I became a professional Musician and as well as recording many albums with my bands (422 & The Hut People) also do a lot of work around schools and have now gained a lot of experience in Special Needs. 


 My Usui Reiki

I then came to a point where I realized I wanted to also learn a healing therapy. Reiki seemed like a good one to choose.  I trained under Reiki Evolution and with its great training manuals etc... It seemed like the thing for me.  It comes from a non religious stand point and is seen as an alternative therapy.

I am now a fully trained up Reiki Master and now able to offer Full treatments as well as Usui Reiki Courses at all levels.